Saturday, September 12, 2009

Choosing the right niche that will make you money!

When your starting out as an Internet Marketer, picking the right niche is crucial. I spent endless hours researching and reading forums and the websites of potential competitors trying to find the perfect niche. Successful Internet Marketers it turns out are very secretive. I don't blame them, if they found a way to make money, why would they want to share the information with someone who's looking to take a piece of the pie?

I personally think the more people who saturate the niche the better. I thrive on competition, and as a result it pushes me to be better.

Below is a list of profitable niches that I found very useful.


1. Making Money Online
2. Weight Loss / Bodybuiding
3. Quit Smoking
4. Credit and Credit Repair
5. Health & Beauty
6. Work at home
7. Training Pets
8. Self Improvement (memory, confidence, etc...)
9. Learning a Language
10. Relationships / Dating
11. Online Gaming


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