Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beer Companies Will Pay You To Drink Beer!

What’s your favorite beer or wine? I don’t discriminate, I’ll drink anything. If you’re like me, you should know that you can actually make money by drinking beer. You read that right…You can make money by drinking beer!

There are many wine and beer manufacturers all over the world who conduct market research. The beer and wine industry spends billions of dollars annually on advertising and market research. They want the opinions of their consumers. Why? Because they want to know how they can sell more of their products to us, and they’re willing to pay for that information.

Market research companies invite focus groups and hold wine and beer tastings, where you sample different wines and beers and then answer questions. So basically you go to a party, drink wine or beer, and meet people who share your interest. Sounds like hard work, huh? After the party, you get paid anywhere from $70-$100. I know it’s not much…but don’t forget, you’re getting free alcohol!

Download the guide and begin signing up with the market research companies.


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