Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to Make Money on eHow

I was pleasantly surprised when I signed up with eHow; after posting 5 articles and one week later, to my surprise I had earn $1.95. It’s not a lot of money, but it does prove that you can actually make money by writing articles for eHow.

Step one is obvious, you need to sign up with eHow. It's a simple process, only taking a few minutes. If you' don't want to use your real name and are afraid of attracting online stalkers, eHow allows you to use a pen name. In order to register and become an eHow write you'll need an email address to verify the registration. If for some reason you don't want to give out main email, get a FREE web based email such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail.

Brainstorm and pick topics to write about it. I recommend picking a topic that will help people. There are many people with problems and they're searching for solutions for them. For example, you can write about “how to lose weight". Some other popular topics to write about are relationships, health, and beauty.

After you have the first article written, you should keep your focus on the same topic, but write it from a different angle. In the first article using the "how to lose weight" example, you can write about how to lose weight by dieting. Then in the second article write about how to lose weight by exercising, etc...

You need to write at least 5 articles. That should give you enough articles to earn at least $1 after the first week. You want at least 5 articles because some of your articles may not initially make money (Some articles will make more money than others, depending on the quality of your writing).

After the first week your articles should've earned at least $1 -- more if you picked the right topic and people enjoy your writing style.

If you want to make more money, just rinse and repeat.

The key is to pick relevant topics that people will find interesting. Unfortunately that involves doing a lot of researching. It'll make your writing process easier if you write about topics that you enjoy researching.

If you just don't have the talent or patience for writing, there are software programs that will write the articles for you. The other option is to pay a freelance writer to do the writing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

M.I.T. Student Turned $1000 into $1.4 millions from Trading Penny Stocks

Not too long ago trading stocks was only for professionals who work on Wall Street. The internet changed everything. Now anyone with a computer and an internet connection can become a stock trader. You can literary buy stocks online for pennies, which is why they're called penny stocks. There are many online stock trading companies, such as Etrade, and signing up is free.

Online traders can setup trades 24/7 making it popular with enthusiast who trade part time to earn extra money from home
Successful traders even quit their day jobs, because they make more money from online trading. An example of this is the M.I.T. student who took what he learned at the prestigious school and made $1.4 millions dollars from trading penny stocks.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Choosing the right niche that will make you money!

When your starting out as an Internet Marketer, picking the right niche is crucial. I spent endless hours researching and reading forums and the websites of potential competitors trying to find the perfect niche. Successful Internet Marketers it turns out are very secretive. I don't blame them, if they found a way to make money, why would they want to share the information with someone who's looking to take a piece of the pie?

I personally think the more people who saturate the niche the better. I thrive on competition, and as a result it pushes me to be better.

Below is a list of profitable niches that I found very useful.


1. Making Money Online
2. Weight Loss / Bodybuiding
3. Quit Smoking
4. Credit and Credit Repair
5. Health & Beauty
6. Work at home
7. Training Pets
8. Self Improvement (memory, confidence, etc...)
9. Learning a Language
10. Relationships / Dating
11. Online Gaming

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Make money online with Forex

You can make money by trading money. Trading currencies is usually done by savvy financial experts, white color Wall Street professionals, with a lot of money who turn that money into more money. This has been the secret of the wealthy.

Nowadays anyone can learn the secrets of Forex trading, and make money by trading currency. The internet has open Forex to the middle class, who want the same privileges of the wealthy upper class. You don’t need an MBA from Harvard Business School to understand the simple concepts of Forex. In today’s 24/7 society you can trade from anywhere at any time, and many people do, working at home.

Learning how to trade on the foreign exchange market can be difficult for people who are use to making money working an hourly job. Forex trading is making money, by not working; your money does the working for you! This is a strange concept for the average working class person. That is why the rich (who understand this) get richer, and the poor stay poor.

If you want to learn more about making money with Forex...Click Here!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beer Companies Will Pay You To Drink Beer!

What’s your favorite beer or wine? I don’t discriminate, I’ll drink anything. If you’re like me, you should know that you can actually make money by drinking beer. You read that right…You can make money by drinking beer!

There are many wine and beer manufacturers all over the world who conduct market research. The beer and wine industry spends billions of dollars annually on advertising and market research. They want the opinions of their consumers. Why? Because they want to know how they can sell more of their products to us, and they’re willing to pay for that information.

Market research companies invite focus groups and hold wine and beer tastings, where you sample different wines and beers and then answer questions. So basically you go to a party, drink wine or beer, and meet people who share your interest. Sounds like hard work, huh? After the party, you get paid anywhere from $70-$100. I know it’s not much…but don’t forget, you’re getting free alcohol!

Download the guide and begin signing up with the market research companies.

Earn $10-$40 for Taking Online Surveys

How many hours do you spend surfing the web? If you spend at least 1 to 10 hours a week, reading blogs, news, or watching videos on YouTube, why not spend 15 minutes taking online surveys and make $10-40 per survey? You’re online anyway, why not make money? After you're done, you can go back to surfing the web.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on market research. Surveys are one way for them to gather feedback from potential customers. They spend a lot more of their budget on advertising. Online surveys are targeting specific demographics, learn how you can qualify to participate in the online surveys and make money in minutes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Article Writing For Extra Income.

Need a little extra income, but not sure what to do? Article writing can really pay off. You don’t need a degree in English to start writing online. If you enjoy writing on Internet forums, posting comments on blogs, or just like to share your ideas with other people, you already have the skills necessary to start article writing and making money.

You can earn a few hundred dollars a month for beer or more, depending on how many articles you can write. The more you write, the more money you make! Some very good writers who can generate a lot of traffic to their articles can make thousands of dollars per month. Now don't get too excited, and don't get blinded by the idea of easy money. In order to make that much money, you have to write a lot of articles.

Like many people on the Internet, you’re either looking for information or creating the information. Deciding to create information is fairly simple. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing. What ideas do you want to share with other people? Article writing is simply just picking a topic, and then writing about it. If you’re an expert in a field or have a hobby that you enjoy, you can share you’re expertise with millions of people online. Where else can you express yourself to such a large audience?

So where can you start your writing online? You can start with websites such as Helium, Article Content, and Constant Content. There are many other websites that you can use. Once you get started and have a few articles under your belt and polish your writing skills, you can expand to other publishing websites.

If you really dislike writing and have a difficult time putting more than two sentences together that make sense, but still want to make money with article writing you can use a software program to write the articles for you.